One Thing Leads to Another

Posted by Tiluvar at at 9:43pm on Monday, September 17th, 2007

Although not much time has passed, it feels like years since I first set foot in this realm. A journey that started with a few simple tasks has lead me outside of the valley I now know as Mulgore, the place I call home.

Unfortunately the bordering region is completely baron, which is where it earns it's name; The Barrens. The more time I spend here the more I miss the long, soft grass of Mulgore. I am often eager for the few times each year that I return to my homeland to visit with my elders and see what new knowledge they have for me to gain.

While I have learned much about nature and how I can control and siphon it's energy into my own spells, it is my practical experience with the few inhabitants of the Barrens that has taught me the most. My desire to help these people gave me the conviction to do things I would normally consider too dangerous. Stealing back supplies from packs of well trained Quillboar, collecting bounties on notoriously vicious predators, and aiding many local researchers with their work to name a few. The people that live in this area are determined to heal the land. I am told that long ago the Barrens was a lush jungle that was heavily populated and there are many people here working to return it to that state. If Mulgore was ever to suffer the same fate I know that I would be in their position, begging passers through to help heal the land. Needless to say I am only too happy to do what I can.

While I have many more stories to tell, tales of my travel to Moonglade and the Great Bear Spirit, details about the spells I have learned and the ever present centaur threat. I will leave these stories for another day as I have a new focus for the coming weeks. My work in the Barrens seems to have led me to one place from a number of sources. Multiple people now have asked me for help infiltrating a place named the Wailing Caverns. I scouted out the area and I can only tell one thing for sure; this place is much too dangerous to go to alone, I can see now why so many people are afraid to go themselves.

I will spend the next few days traveling, to Orgrimmar and throughout the Barrens to try and find a handful of experienced people that can help me complete these tasks. I do not know what creatures dwell in the depths of this cavern, but there are too many people relying on my promise of help to turn away.

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