I Really Shouldn't Be Surprised

Posted by Tiluvar at at 4:45pm on Friday, November 20th, 2009

I'm not even sure how to express my annoyance anymore.

I checked my email to find the following from the Alganon pushers:

Why settle for being a nobody? Nobody is who you are without a trusty, buck-toothed, pig-nosed, cross-eyed, flea-ridden, stinky steed. The Mount represents life, love and companionship. A strong pinnacle icon to the truth of your online gaming experience.

Log in to Alganon anytime this weekend starting Friday, November 20th and in the Developer Channel, yell "MOOLE ME!" (for Asharr) or "WAGGER ME!" (for Kujix) and wait for the magic.

"A strong pinnacle icon to the truth of your online gaming experience." I don't think whoever wrote this intended for it to be sarcastic.. I can't help but agree though. This is the sad sad truth of your online gaming experience in 2009.

I understand that publishers need to make their money, it's just upsetting to see it all converge on this point so quickly - mostly because of how willing we all are to open our wallets for the chance at meaningless (Not worked for) virtual items.

Do you think Space Invaders would have become so popular if it looked like this?

Space Invaders 2009

Most likely not, but these days it seems people can't wait to buy their way to the top.

I'll be the "sucker" farming my mount from rare spawns for eight hours. But I can assure you when I ride it around, I'll be riding it with pride.

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